My Miraculous Healing at NUH A&E

It was 4 years ago that I received an instant healing at A&E, what one would call a miracle healing. I was thinking about it a few days ago. Every miracle of God should be celebrated as certainly not only should we be thankful for them but also because they bring faith. These testimonies are part of our ‘history with God’ (as Bill Johnson would say). The miracle happened on 11th Aug 2010, and I journeled it a few days later (It is reproduced below - I made some edits to make it clearer):

On 11th Aug, 2 days before I was to share a testimony on Treasure Hunts at YWAM’s GoFest conference at our church, I was conducting a class at a client’s site. I am a consultant and trainer by profession. Just after we returned from lunch and resumed the class, I began to feel pain on the lower left side of my back. It was quite painful but I tried not to show it. I put my hand on my side to press against the pain and at times prayed in tongues under my breath. But the pain continued to increase and I wondered how long I could continue.

After a few minutes, it was time for the class to work on an exercise and I took the opportunity to go to the toilet because I also had stomach pains by this time, and I wondered if I had food poisoning. When I returned to the class I knew I could not continue so I spoke to my client who immediately agreed to reschedule the class.

At this point I decided to drive home. Crystal my daughter was with me. She was a 4th year student at SMU and was doing her internship with my firm. Crystal advised me that I should call a cab, but I did not want to wait another 5 or 10 minutes in pain! So I decided to drive. It was difficult because of the pain. We soon came across the information signs that said that the AYE towards home was jammed, so we diverted to the PIE while I tried to make sure I did not take any wrong turns that would delay us. As the pain continued to increase I decided to go directly to the A&E at NUS. By this time I was experiencing cold sweat and shortness of breath. The pain was quite excruciating. Perhaps it is a heart attack I thought. About 3 months before this my brother had had a heart attack and his episode began with simply what he thought was a muscle pull. So I did not want to take chances.

Crystal convinced me to drive home instead as we had to pass home to get to the hospital. When we arrived Kim was already waiting for us. As she drove Kim and Crystal continued to pray for me ‘be healed in Jesus name, be healed in Jesus name’.

On the way to the hospital, Kim asked Crystal to inform Leonard our son who was home to ask him to pray. Leonard immediately wrote out the following prayer declaration on a piece of paper and stuck it on the front door of our house before he rushed off to NUH. The words read:

‘Satan you have no right to mess around in this house. Dad’s life is now claimed in Jesus’ name! Abundant health, wisdom, peace, no burden’s in Jesus’ name. Long life, Holy Spirit seal that right now, and we command this life to be untouched! Amen’ (Wow, cool huh? What a prayer!)

Meanwhile on the way to NUH we again ran into heavy traffic and decided to drive to NUH via NUS. By this time, I was groaning in pain. I got out of the car (don’t know how I managed that by myself) and was wheeled into A&E. Kim parked the car and notified our cell group and some other church friends via sms to pray for me.

About 5 minutes after we arrived at A&E the pain began to subside. In half an hour it was almost gone and was COMPLETELY GONE an hour after we arrived at A&E. Thank you Lord for the miraculous healing!

They took a blood sample and wheeled me over to have 2 x-rays done. The doctor came to tell me she thought the problem was kidney stones. They also did a urine test.

After the x-rays were done they wheeled me next to a man. I was feeling quite well already by this time. I felt a prompting to ask him what was wrong with him. He said he had kidney failure (KIDNEYS AGAIN! – No coincidence! It was now my turn to pray for someone else. I asked him if I could pray for him. At first he wasn’t open to it but agreed after a while. So I prayed for healing of his kidneys, and asked that he get new kidneys from heaven. He was a Buddhist, and he was divorced from his wife who is a Catholic. He said they had broken up because of religious differences. He asked me whether I was a Father (meaning was I a priest from the Catholic church?). He said all gods are the same. I corrected him on that of course, and shared stuff with him and told him to stop saying he had kidney failure. See how in all things God works things out for those who love him? (Ro 8:28). Even in this situation, I was sent to share His goodness to this man and to pray for him.

They had brought the pain killer medication for me but the nurses had forgotten to give it to me (this is not a complaint – all the doctors and nurses were really caring and professional, so much so that I wrote a thank you card to compliment them before I left). Maybe it was because I no longer looked like I was in pain so they did not know it was for me. In fact two nurses saw the medication and asked the other nurses who it was for? Later on one of them said she was going to give me the painkiller. I told her I did not need it anymore. She said ‘the pain may come back’. I silently rejected that. I told her again I had no more pain and she said ‘just in case the pain comes back’. Then she said ‘okay I will give you half dose’. I only agreed because I felt she might get into trouble if I did not let her ‘do her job’.

Throughout the time I was in A&E I sent sms messages to update Kim and our children Crystal and Leonard to update them of my status except for Joel who was in camp whom I had assumed did not know about all that was going on, but of course Leonard was also updating him.

The doctor came back after looking at the test results and said the x-rays showed no evidence of any kidney stones (Praise the Lord!). I asked to be released and a while later they told me I would be discharged after the paperwork was done. An appointment was set for me to see a urologist. This appointment was scheduled on Friday morning, the time when I was to be at the GoFest to give testimony about treasure hunts. While on the way to the A&E pharmacy, I was thinking it is a pity I could not be at the GoFest event but Kim said that one of our cell members had sms to say that this is a spiritual attack because others who are suppose to give testimony at the GOFest event had also become unwell. So I immediately decided to reschedule the appointment with the urologist to another day.

I had entered the A&E about 3.30pm in great pain, I left it at 6pm, was back home at 6.30pm and was at church to minister inner healing and deliverance by 7.45pm.

Two days later I together with a number of others was at the GoFest event to give our testimonies on our treasure hunts. It is now the Sunday after this, that I am writing this testimony of miraculous healing. Tomorrow Kim and I will be going to Sydney together with Francis/Dorothy (also from COOS) to attend a healing conference by Randy Clark and Bill Johnson. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!

Thanks also to my wife, chIMG_9438ildren and all our cell members and church friends for their really fast response to our request for prayers.

From Robert Oh, 15 Aug 2010

** The photo shows me standing at the front door of our home where Leonard has stuck the prayer declaration he wrote before leaving for NUH. We took the photo when we arrived home from NUH that day

Post-note: I finally did go for my appointment with the urologist about 4 months later and he did a scan and found NO SIGN of any kidney stones. Thank you Papa God!


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No More Vertigo

No too long ago Kim and I together with another lady ministered to someone who came for prayers for healing. She was having migraines, vertigo among other problems. Before we asked her to come in each of us asked the Lord for a word for her. Kim recieved a word about ‘punishment’ which we thought was unusual as most of the time we receive encouraging words from the Lord and not negative words. The young lady who with us recieved the word ‘God forgives all who sin against him’. I received the word ‘abundant (life)’.

When we asked the lady to come in we asked her what she needed prayer for. She promptly explained all her physical symptoms. It also seemed that she felt that the Lord was punishing her and that is why she had all these health issues. The words now made sense. She felt the Lord was punishing her, but the word of the Lord was that He forgives us no matter what we have done. Also instead of sickness God has promised each one of us (and this lady too!) abundant life. So we prayed for her after explaining to her that God gives her abundant life. This is Truth and it was the lie of the enemy that God is punishing her. We led her to renounce the lies that she believed, we broke off fear and stress and asked Holy Spirit to fill her with peace as a divine exchange. We heard in the weeks that followed the ministry that she was well. But still in humbleness she came for further ministry to ensure that the ministry was comprehensive and she was fully healed of all her health problems. Thank you God, only you can do this  :)

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Lupus healed, thank you God!

Some time ago I ministered to a lady who came up for prayers. She had contracted lupus. Before I prayed for her I was led to ask if she needed to forgive anyone. She thought for a while but was unsure. I then asked her when the lupus started and what happened in her life the few months leading to her contracting the disease. She remembered but added she had already forgiven this person. I asked her if it was ok if i led her to forgive this person again and she willingly agreed. As she began to release forgiveness she began to weep quietly and did so for quite some time. When she stopped I began to pray against the lupus in Jesus name. It was a year later that I found out she had been completely healed of lupus! Thank you God for your healing! You are the God of the impossible :)

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder healed by prayer!

Recently I had the privilege of listening to a lady who received ministry for obsessive compulsive disorder and a number of other issues like hearing sounds (noone else hears), itchiness of certain limbs etc. She had this crippling problem of OCD for more than 30 years. She was ministered to four times (over four weekly sessions). After the first session she was healed of OCD! Wow! Thank you God. This problem of more than 30 years left her. In subsequent sessions the rest of the problems were handled. She had captured everything that God did during each of the sessions after each of them and was able to relate in detail each of the sessions, it was amazing how she had so many encounters with Jesus during those sessions. She is perfectly well now. I met her :) Amazing! Thank you God!

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The 3am Healing

banner_1-cb2adf229d[1]I was at Kingdom Invasion 2014 conference and I was requested by a pastor to pray for a Thai lady who had brain tumor. When I was introduced to her she was sitting down and I asked her to stand as I ministered and prayed for her. I believed others had prayed for her as well. I was also not aware she had problems walking. Well that night it seems she went home and at 3am (God often does things at 3am it seems) she found she could walk and could even jump! She was so excited that she called her Pastor and awoke her to tell her the good news! (I like that – it so honors the Lord when we get excited over things like this). I learnt about this the following day. I was told on the Sunday following this she attended church and she was very happy and gave testimony of her healing. I can’t wait to see the before and after images of her brain scan. Before there we have tumours and after prayer there are none! Before there were and after there were none. Before there were tumours and after there were none.  In John 9 is the story of the man born blind who was healed by Jesus and he said John 9:25 – “One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” God can do the impossible. He is the God of the impossible. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God! God is the one who heals. The catch phrase for Kingdom Invasion 2014 is so apt ‘Greater Glory’ to God! :D

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